Frequently Asked Questions

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How To Watch Your Movie

I'm having some issues with my Movies Inc account, credit card,  or streaming not playing, who do I contact?

We invite you to send us an email and we will contact you. Send email to: and a friendly representative will address your needs as quickly as possible.

Where do I Login in to watch my movie after I purchased it? I forgot where to go.

Go to and at the top right corner you’ll see a “LOGIN” button. Click on it and enter your Email and Password. This will take you to your "My Profile” page. Select your movie from those showing and click on it to watch.

I didn’t see an email order confirmation after I rented or purchased a movie.

Please check your Junk, Promotions, and Social email sections. Sometimes it goes there.

I tried playing the movie and got an “Error” or message telling me to “Use Another Browers.”

If you're using an iPhone or iPad then the Safari browser is recommended.  Otherwise try using the Google Chrome browser.
▪ iPhone/iPad (use Safari)
▪ Android (use Chrome)
▪ macOS (use Chrome or Firefox)
▪ WindowsPC/Laptop (use Chrome or Firefox)

I rented the movie. How long do I have to watch it before I have to rent it again.

We hold your Rented film for 7 Days inside the streaming platform. Once you hit the PLAY MOVIE button you have 48 hours to watch the movie. There is a timer next to the movie letting you know how many hours you have left.

I can't seem to login to my Movies Inc account after purchasing a movie

The most likely reason is that you have forgotten the password you entered when you purchased the movie.
Below the Login/Register buttons is a link that will let you reset your password.

How do I “Leave A Review” once I watch my movie?

At the bottom of the website there is a “Leave A Review” link . Please leave your full name, Star Rating, and Review.
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